Life Drawing at Bernsteins 27/11/18

Thank you to everyone who came along on Tuesday to the last of my weekly Life Drawing classes at Bernstein’s. As always you brought your warmth, creativity and good energy and made it a really special evening of drawing, food and community. (oh an wine too of course) 

I am very excited to announce that I will be starting a new Life Drawing course at the beautiful Hara cafe on Sundays from 27th Jan to 24th Feb. It is a 5 week course and will take place from 7pm - 9.30pm. On this course you will have the chance to experiment with lots of different mediums and ways of mark making. We will explore all kinds of ways of seeing and explore different themes in relation to the human form. I will also be cooking a nourishing and tasty vegan supper each week which is included in the price. Fresh juices, home-made kombucha, tea & coffee will be available and you can bring your own wine. 

As always materials and food are included. 

Life drawing - Body stories 23/10/18

We explored how we can tell a story visually, looking at how our bodies are always quietly telling our own stories. The emotions we cary in expression, action and posture. We drew sequenced poses to make own own visual narratives. We drew waking up, drinking water and responded to Kate Tempest’s poem Hold Your Own. We munched a yummy squash soup topped with ginger, garlic and parsley pesto and fresh chilli.

Here are some pictures of the beautiful pictures you made. A really special thank you to our model.

Here is a video of Kate Tempest performing her amazing poem Hold Your Own.

Life Drawing - Body & Clothes 9/10/18

This week we explored the human body and clothes, how we use clothes to hide, to show off, to feel confident and also explored how clothing is attributed to certain genders. Thank you so much to everyone who came along.

Our meal was, roast beetroot & parsnip with leek and green herb rice. Topped with beetroot humous, turmeric humous & fresh mint.

Humous ( for x4 blend together)

1 can of chick peas (drain half the water)

x2 tbs tahini

A squeeze of lemon juice


Turmeric half tbs turmeric (for beetroot humous add half a handful of roast beetroot instead of turmeric)

Green herb rice

Blend together half a bunch of parsley, half a bunch of mint, half a bunch of coriander or any other green herb, 1 clove of raw garlic, a good glug of olive oil.

Cook rice and then stir in the herb mix.

Roast Beets

Chop in to cubes, season with olive oil, paprika, cumin and salt. Roast in the over 180’ for 30min (keep an eye on them)

Roast Parsnips

Chop in to cubes, season with olive oil salt and pepper and roast in the over 180’ for 30min (keep an eye on them)

Top meal with sumac and fresh mint.