Storytelling for comics @Hara 28/04/19 to 26/05/19


Storytelling for comics @Hara 28/04/19 to 26/05/19


Classes are every Sunday 7pm - 9.30pm

At Hara 13 Downham Road, N1

What you will learn…

In this five week course you will learn to tell your stories in comic form by changing the way you think about language. You will have it all at your disposal learning how to use visual cues, text as an aesthetic, framing, perspective, expression, colour, light, shadow and line to tell your story in comic form.

  • Learn new skills and techniques for creating and illustrating characters with their own unique personalities. We will work on drawing facial expressions, posture and shape and how different shapes and features can influence how people perceive the personality of your character.

  • Explore how stories can be told through the synonymous use of word and image.

  • Learn how to write for comics and how to develop your written story in to a story board.

  • Learn how to draw the reader’s eye across the page, how to show different perspectives and how to pull your reader into your story.

  • Learn how to use colour in a comic as well light and dark.

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